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    America has been going crazy over baseball since the mid 1850’s. With passing years this game has matured and is now considered a professional sport with an unparallel fan base in the United States. Major League baseball or MLB as it is also known is the operating body that oversees the operations of the National league and the American League organizations. Major League baseball is also the highest level of baseball play across the United States.

    The National League and the American League constitute the MLB. The national League was formed in 1876 as a replacement of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players and is referred to as the Senior Circuit while the American League is called the Junior Circuit. At the end of every baseball season the champions from these two leagues play in the World Series against one another.

    The Major League Baseball is considered one of the major professional sports leagues in America and has 30 teams under its umbrella. 29 out of these thirty teams are from the United States while one is from Canada. Each major League Baseball season sees 162 games being played. The season begins on the first Sunday in the month of April and continues until the first Sunday in October. The post season games are played in October and sometimes continue until November.

    The Major League Baseball constitution controls the MLB and its operations. It is this constitution that markets and negotiates all of the MLB contracts. They are responsible for maintaining the umpiring crews and negotiating the television, labor and marketing contracts as well. The designated wing that oversees the functioning of MLB.com is known as the MLB Advanced Media. They also look over the websites of the 30 participant teams of the MLB along with MLB.com.

    Major League Baseball presently has three broadcasting partners, namely, ESPN, FOX and TBS. All the three channels have been assigned their designated slots to air the games starting from the opening day till the end of the season. Fox Sports shall continue to telecast MLB until 2013 and shall have the rights of the All Star games. They will also broadcast the American League Championships in each odd year and shall air the National League Championships every even year.

    ESPN covers the national Opening Day for the baseball season. They air Monday, Wednesday and Sunday Night Baseball along with Baseball tonight which gives viewers a complete lowdown on the MLB games played that day. TBS continues to air regular games on Sunday afternoons until 2013. They broadcast the American League Championships in even years and the National League championships in odd years.

    MLB news can be found on a number of websites one of the most popular one being http//espn.com. When you go to ESPN.com you can get the latest on MLB baseball scores, reviews, performance analysis, statistics and story of the day as well as includes real time baseball scores. Now baseball fans get all the info, news that you could possibly want at espn.com.

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