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    It can be safely assumed that the presenters of news shows are the ones who contribute substantially towards the growth and popularity of a particular channel. Television presenting has undergone a sea of change in comparison to its initial days. Gone are stiff collars and prim looks and these have been replaced with striking personalities and attractive faces that have the capability of keeping you hooked even to a dull show. As much as most people like to watch TV, there is a large chunk of people who do sit in front of the television just to see these beautiful people.

    Jessica Yates is one of the young breed of television presenters who make television viewing even more interesting and attractive. According to a survey conducted by Asylum in Australia, Jessica Yates ranks among the top ten of their hottest television presenters. She is known for her beauty and charm along with an indepth understanding of sports. She is presently a part of the Fox Sports News channel and hosts several shows during the day.

    Jessica Yates completed her studies with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Charles Strut University. She then commenced to work as a freelance reporter for Channel 7 and Channel 10 respectively. Consequently, following the launch of the FOX Sports News 24 hour news channel she became a part of the Fox family after having worked for a year as a sub editor of the Vientiane Times in Laos. She joined Fox Sports News in the category of a reporter in 2006 and rose to the position of a presenter after displaying her knowledge of sports and journalistic skills.

    Jessica Yates is known for her love of surfing and this is reflects in her work as well. According to Yates one of her most memorable interviews of a sportsperson was that of some of the worlds’ top women surfers such as Steph Gilmore, Sofia Mulanovich and Sam Cornish. She carries her easy style into her interviews and says that interviewing these women was a lot of fun as they all are extremely hardworking yet lighthearted. She also goes on to say that the one person that she would like to interview is the tennis champion Roger Federer because of his excellence in his chosen sport and his genuine personality.

    One of the most embarrassing and funny moments that Jessica Yates recounts was one that happened while doing a piece in the middle of the high seas. According to her it was quite a challenge trying to keep the camera in place and getting her lines right with a smile pasted on her face while she was actually hanging on for dear life trying not to fall overboard. In her classic casual and cool style she called this incident ‘interesting’.

    Jessica Yates is also very well known for her love for football along with surfing. In one of the surveys conducted in Australia it was stated that Jessica Yates could easily give any guy a serious run for his money if quizzed on football, as she knows the sport extremely well.

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