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    You should always try to do your best and become an expert handicapper in order to make good selections and pick winners. Getting all the advice, free horse racing betting tips and professional guides will make you confident and give you an advantage over novice bettors.

    This expertise is needed to match your skills and wits against competitors. You can become more knowledgeable about betting skills by availing of all the possible data you can on the internet. This information will help you get started and point you in the right direction. The first tip is to be a clever handicapper. Racing betting tips will give you an idea on how to place bets, study and research the horse’s past performances, track records and history, jockey and trainer odds, which will finally help you to build your own system and be successful in picking the “outsider” that will pay huge amounts of money.

    Looking for systems and methods to pick winners is the first thing most gamblers would do. Racing calculators can be downloaded from various horse racing betting sites that can help to work out the returns. Thorograph performance figures also can be downloaded and used to turn you into an expert bettor. It is obvious that there is no actual magic method that will help you to reap in huge amounts of cash, but having a systematic method that is based on practice, statistics and hard work will ensure victory.

    Handicappers study the horses to spot a “longshot” or an outsider. These are horses that usually come off a “layoff” in a previously held race, or come up short by a hairsbreadth at the finishing post. They are most likely to be a winner in the next race. Very close attention should be paid to horses that usually start well but lose ground in the middle of the race, and then run better towards the end, gaining a better position. This should show you that the horse has “heart” and ran into some trouble or the other that make it lose ground. It is worth it to check and see if this particular horse always finishes strongly at the end in spite of losing ground earlier!

    The thrill of horse racing betting has always made this sport popular and the ease of betting online has made millions of gamblers happier because it is time saving and energy saving. Pay very close attention to horses that have lower odds compared to their morning lines. This could be because of the fact that people with “inside information” are expecting them to be big winners. This is usually the case in maiden races there first time runners run.

    Horse racing betting picks and tips will help you to glean a lot of information and knowhow to give you an edge – like noticing if a particular horse has a new jockey with a win percentage that is higher than other jockeys in pervious races. Look out for the “switch” positive jockeys make. All these tips will be very advantageous to you and will help you to become an ace and experienced bettor.

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