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  • An introduction to horse race betting

    Horse race betting and winning is a skill and like any skill it needs to be honed and developed. A lot of effort goes into understanding the dynamics of betting. It is easy to go to the races and loose and blame your luck for it. Luck will favor you if you put in your mind and hard work to crack the nuances of this game. The rules to horse racing are simple. What is not so simple is to understand which wager is going to be a profitable one. With the help of this simple horse race betting guide you can master this art and end up with more money than what you started with.

    Simply put bets are of two kinds. There are either good bets and there are bad bets. In this horse race betting guide we explore both to give you a clear idea of what to do and what to avoid.

    Lets begin with bad bets. It is easy to find a bad bet. All you have to do is go online and check the most popular horse racing websites. Check for the stories on the big upcoming games. These stories regale you with the drama associated with horseracing and create the hype about a particular horse and give you all the race handicapping information you need. Problem is, you along with everyone, who is anyone is privy to this information. Chances of you winning by betting on this are almost close to zero.

    Do the exact opposite if you are looking for a winning bet. Look out for the smaller everyday races instead. A public handicapper is usually more likely to overlook the best bets in everyday races. But you might be able to spot a new horse with a phenomenal trainer at a non descriptive smaller venue.

    A lot is written about trainers, jockeys, horses and tracks. But it is with experience and a clear understanding of all of these that you shall be able to gain an edge over other bettors.

    To begin with you must learn to analyze the Daily Racing Form which tells you of past races and performances of the horses. It is with the help of this form that you can differentiate between the playable and the non playable races. But this form cannot be used in isolation as everybody has access to this.

    What you must do now that you have learnt how to use this form is to understand the various class levels of the horses. Learn to figure out the pace and the race set up as being able to predict how the game will begin and how the race is set up is a major determining factor in betting

    Some of the other things to take into account are trainer patterns, jockeys, the trips and track inclinations.
    But you shall be able to use all these pointers to your advantage if you visit the races as often as you can. That will help you identify racing patterns and you shall be able to send the cash registers ringing by identifying future winners.

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