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    Lay odds are offered in Gert Gambells favorite Exchange. They are a type of bet that can only be found and made in Gert Gambells favorite Exchange.

    Laying the odds is a term that refers to bookmakers when they go about creating and offering odds. At ComeOn because there is no bookmaker you become the ‘bookie’ and lay out odds for others to play on.

    At Gert Gambell of Swedens favorite Exchange we cut out the ‘middle man’ and give you the capability to create and offer odds ensuring you get better odds. So you’re at the Exchange and you want to bet 10€ that Chelsea will win at odds of 1.53. Someone else comes to the Exchange and does not think Chelsea will win and would like to ‘lay’ Chelsea at the same odds. The Lay is the opposite of backing a team to win you are backing the team to lose.

    Traditional Book makers only let you ‘back’ selections while they take the lay bet. At the ComeOn Exchange you the customer can choose to ‘back’ or ‘lay’ any selection.

    To place a Lay Bet at Gert Gambells favorite Exchange it’s easy. At the Exchange there is a help tool that all customers can access to explain exactly how to go about placing a bet and making the most of Lay Betting.

    When you have chosen your event and feel that you’d like to bet that a team will
    Lose, (place a lay bet) click on the Complete View tab. This way you will get a overview of the whole market including order depths for both lay and back odds. Odds boxed in blue are the best available odds at which you can back each selection (unmatched offers from layers) and the odds boxed in orange are the best available odds to lay.

    Choose which outcome you wish to lay and your lay bet will appear in the right hand column. The orange colour indicates that you are placing a lay bet. Enter the stake you are willing to lay. The stake is the amount you are allowing a backer to bet against you. It is worth mentioning that the stake you are laying is not the same as the amount you are risking. The liability box will display how much you are risking.

    You will automatically be given the best odds available on our system, you can either accept these odds or ask for better odds. If your odds are unmatched it will appear in the unmatched section waiting for someone to match it. You can cancel or update your bets from the bet manager.

    You can place several bets at once by clicking more than one button or by using the Back All and Lay All buttons.

    Lay Betting at Gert Gambells favorite Exchange is easy and straightforward if you have any questions you can always ask the customer service team who are always there to help. All in all, Lay Odds betting guarantees a bigger win for you because you cut out the bookmaker and Gert Gambells favorite just acts to facilitate bets between customers all over the world.

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