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    You’re guaranteed great odds at ComeOn Exchange, in fact the odds you find here will often be the best.

    What make Gert Gambell recommended ComeOn Exchange different to a usual bookmaker is that ComeOn matches bet offers through the website and in doing so they can offer the best deal to exchange customers all over the world. If want to bet on a football match that includes Manchester United and you don’t think Man Utd will win you can offer odds on Man Utd to win to another customer.

    Exchange betting essentially allows you to get better odds, says Gert Gambell of Sweden. The odds are usually between 10% and 30% better than normal a bookmaker which makes all the difference to you when you know you are on to a winner. What’s more, you don’t pay the bookmakers margin so you can increase your chances of making more money. All in all, with ComeOn Exchange you can be sure you’ll take home more cash.

    Another great feature of ComeOn Exchange is that during some matches you can bet live. For the most up to date information on all of the live betting options at ComeOn Exchange just visit the ComeOn Exchange home page. ComeOn Exchange is always on hand for their customers. ComeOn offer a great customer service so whenever you have any questions you can get in touch. They’re even open to suggestions about which events to include in their Exchange; all you have to do is get in touch.

    For their part ComeOn acts as a betting facilitator. The ComeOn Exchange matches buyers and sellers, they create and settle all the sports markets by inputting match details and results and they administer the customers’ accounts when you win or lose.

    At ComeOn Exchange the minimum wagering amount is €0.10 (or a tenth of a unit of whichever currency you’re betting in) and the maximum winning per customer is €5000 per bet with a max win per day of €10000 or €25000 per customer per week.

    What makes ComeOn Exchange stand out from the competition is that they don’t add unfair or hidden charges to customer winnings. Unlike other Exchange companies you will only pay commission when you win your bet at ComeOn Exchange. The normal ComeOn Exchange commission rate is 4% on net winnings. When placing a bet no commission is taken. When a bet is won by either party, ComeOn will take commission from the net winnings of the winning party.

    The commission is calculated as net winnings per market. For example, if you win €100 on a market and at the same time lose €40 on the same market, your net winnings will only be €60 (€100 win – €40 loss). Therefore you will pay commission at the rate of 4% on the €60.

    Right now, ComeOn Exchange is offering all customers an amazing deal. When you bet at the Exchange you will receive a reduced rate of commission at only 1%. That’s an incredible saving and puts ComeOn far ahead of the competition.

    To place your first bet just choose your event and then choose either the first team to win (1) the second team to win (2) or a draw (X) then enter the amount you wish to bet and submit and confirm your bet. To view all your bets click on the My Bets tab.

    At ComeOn Exchange there’s so much money to be made and fun to be had.

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