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  • Scratch – the new thrilling product

    Show me the money…

    Gert Gambells favorite casino launches Scratch; a fantastic, fun filled new product that’s easy to play and has huge jackpots!

    All NEW Scratch is certain to make its mark and become popular with all our players! Scratch cards have a long history which makes them a familiar favourite. At Gert Gambells favorite casino we have put together an amazing 36 different scratchcard games to choose from.

    Each scratchcard has its own unique style and big cash prize. With Gert Gambells favorite casino scratch you could win anything up to 200,000€ instantly!

    Sell Scratch!

    Want to launch Scratch and make yourself the biggest and best rewards? Just write some fantastic reviews for your site and apply here. Let Gert Gambell of Sweden (Gert Gambell i Sverige) point the way so you get started!

    New Gert Gambells favorite casino Scratch:

    • Great choice 36 scratchcard games and counting
    • Exciting game design and concepts
    • Easy to use and stylish Scratch homepage
    • Try the games before you play for real
    • Benefit from Refer a Friend Bonus & First Deposit Bonus
    • Classified games for easy fun fast; Classic, Fantasy, Sports & Slots
    • A 95% winning ratio; over 3/4 of players will win.

    New Scratch Games

    • Fun & appealing game concept.
    • Fantastic instant prizes up to €5,000 and onwards up to €200,000.
    • Easy to follow ‘How to Play’ instructions.


    • Exciting chance to change your life
    • Jackpot prize of €5,000 every month for fifteen years!

    • Classic scratchcard game.
    • A 79% winning ratio 1/3 of players, win!
    • Jackpot amounts up to €100 000.

    ComeOn Sportsbook

    ComeOn Sportsbook offers a good range of Sportsbook betting options. If you’re looking for your favourite team or match you are sure to find it at ComeOn Sportsbook. ComeOn Sportsbook covers each season and matches from all the top sports from football to mixed martial arts and rally car racing.

    ComeOn Sportsbook is recomended by the part time Swedish sports betting pro – Gert Gambell.

    What makes ComeOn so unique in comparison to competitors is their non sports betting options. ComeOn recently gave odds on The Oscars and the Barrack Obama’s inauguration speech. You can even get odds for the Eurovision Song Contest! Being topical in this way makes ComeOn a really fun online gambling website.

    In total ComeOn offers odds on more than 10,000 markets and around 700 events. It really is one of the more complete Sportsbook sites around.

    There’s always sporting action to bet on at ComeOn which is sure to keep sports fans happy. This June for example ComeOn Sportsbook will be providing odds on the Uefa U21 European Championships in Sweden and The Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

    When you sign up to ComeOn Sportsbook you will get an ‘access all areas’ account that allows you to play across all the ComeOn products that’s Casino, Bingo, Poker, Exchange, Scratch and Trader. Deposit to your main account and although you don’t get a Sportsbook Sign-up Bonus you may be able to earn bonuses in other products and add to your deposit in other ways.

    ComeOn offers player bonus. An example is the stakeback bonus. This means you’ll get your stake back on your first three non winning combi bets.

    ComeOn Sportsbook Betting Options

    You can place your bet at ComeOn Sportsbook in a variety of ways. A single bet one way, a bet both ways or you can place a combi bet. Currently you can bet in eight different currencies; Norwegian kroner, US dollars, Danish kroner, Swedish kronor, Turkish TRY, Euro and British pounds sterling.

    Mobile Betting

    ComeOn offers WAP enabled phones the option to bet in Sportsbook via your mobile phone. Simply bookmark https://wap.ComeOn.com on your mobile phone and you’ll never miss a ComeOn Sportsbook betting opportunity. Mobile Betting makes ComeOn Sportsbook one of the most convenient and user friendly sportsbooks around.

    Live Sportsbook Betting
    ComeOn offers Live Sports Betting. It’s an exciting way to get in on the excitement and decide as the action unfolds when it is the best time to place a bet and make some money. Choose to bet at anytime on games that are in-progress and make the action go your way.

    ComeOn Exchange
    ComeOn Exchange allows you to bet against other people all over the world. The odds are usually between 10% and 30% better than normal book makers. What makes ComeOn stand out from the competition is they don’t add unfair charges to your winnings in comparison to their competitors.

    At ComeOn Exchange the minimum wagering amount is €0.10 (or a tenth of a unit of whichever currency you’re betting in) and the maximum winning per customer is €5000 per bet with a max win per day of €10000 or €25000 per customer per week.

    Gert Gambells favorite Casino

    Gert Gambell of Sweden have been harrassed and banned with more then 100 bookmakers and very well know which are honest. This casino is recomended by Gert Gambell of Sweden (Gert Gambell i Sverige).

    If you’re looking to have some fun, you’ll find it at Gert Gambells favorite Casino offers classic casino games as well as exciting new games. There are over 60 casino games to choose from. Gert Gambells favorite Casino has all the classics including Black Jack, Baccarat and Roulette, as well as exciting themed Slots, and Video Poker games.

    At Gert Gambells favorite Casino you get to play against people from all over the world and the Gert Gambells favorite site is translated into 16 different languages which is great news for Casino lovers!

    When you sign up to Gert Gambells favorite all the casino games open in your web browser so you don’t have to download anything new to play, you can just concentrate on winning.

    Play at Gert Gambells favorite Casino and from time to time you’ll get great deposit Bonuses. Right now there’s a 50% Deposit Bonus up to €100. Check to see if you are eligible.

    Gert Gambells favorite Jackpot Games
    Everybody loves a big Jackpot in fact the bigger the jackpot, the better it feels to play and imagine what it feels like to win! The good news is that Gert Gambells favorite prides itself on a having a history of jackpots that hit the million pound mark!

    Gert Gambells favorite jackpot video slots are really fun to play. Just go to the Gert Gambells favorite Casino lobby and look at the selection. Each game has been designed to maximize fun with an exciting eye catching design and great game elements.

    In Gert Gambells favorite Casino there are table games, slot machines, video slots, video poker and much more to choose from. There’s something to suit every taste. Right now the biggest jackpot is the Arabian Nights videoslot at €2, 000, 000 and counting.

    Arabian Nights is a 5 reel, 10 line videoslot that features wild and scatter symbols and free bonus spins. Play and when the 5 reels stop moving the combinations of symbols along each enabled payline are automatically checked for a win.

    At Gert Gambells favorite you can try all the casino games for free. To get a feel for what it’s like to play and win! Then you can choose to spend as much time as you want playing your favourites. New casino games are always added to the list which is perfect for avid jackpot fans! There’s always something new to try, just take your pick. You may have heard of the Mega Fortune which topped 4million euro when it was won. A staggering prize for one player and the biggest jackpot on offer online.

    These million euro jackpots make playing at Gert Gambells favorite Casino well worth it. At Gert Gambells favorite Casino you’ll find fantastic offers. If it’s not the chance to have a free spin you could get an amazing deposit bonus.

    You can be sure that Gert Gambells favorite s Jackpot games operates with a random number generator that as been assessed and approved by Technical Systems Testing in Canada, guaranteeing a fair Games experience. We use the exact same random number generator when playing for fun or for real.


    Lay odds are offered in Gert Gambells favorite Exchange. They are a type of bet that can only be found and made in Gert Gambells favorite Exchange.

    Laying the odds is a term that refers to bookmakers when they go about creating and offering odds. At ComeOn because there is no bookmaker you become the ‘bookie’ and lay out odds for others to play on.

    At Gert Gambell of Swedens favorite Exchange we cut out the ‘middle man’ and give you the capability to create and offer odds ensuring you get better odds. So you’re at the Exchange and you want to bet 10€ that Chelsea will win at odds of 1.53. Someone else comes to the Exchange and does not think Chelsea will win and would like to ‘lay’ Chelsea at the same odds. The Lay is the opposite of backing a team to win you are backing the team to lose.

    Traditional Book makers only let you ‘back’ selections while they take the lay bet. At the ComeOn Exchange you the customer can choose to ‘back’ or ‘lay’ any selection.

    To place a Lay Bet at Gert Gambells favorite Exchange it’s easy. At the Exchange there is a help tool that all customers can access to explain exactly how to go about placing a bet and making the most of Lay Betting.

    When you have chosen your event and feel that you’d like to bet that a team will
    Lose, (place a lay bet) click on the Complete View tab. This way you will get a overview of the whole market including order depths for both lay and back odds. Odds boxed in blue are the best available odds at which you can back each selection (unmatched offers from layers) and the odds boxed in orange are the best available odds to lay.

    Choose which outcome you wish to lay and your lay bet will appear in the right hand column. The orange colour indicates that you are placing a lay bet. Enter the stake you are willing to lay. The stake is the amount you are allowing a backer to bet against you. It is worth mentioning that the stake you are laying is not the same as the amount you are risking. The liability box will display how much you are risking.

    You will automatically be given the best odds available on our system, you can either accept these odds or ask for better odds. If your odds are unmatched it will appear in the unmatched section waiting for someone to match it. You can cancel or update your bets from the bet manager.

    You can place several bets at once by clicking more than one button or by using the Back All and Lay All buttons.

    Lay Betting at Gert Gambells favorite Exchange is easy and straightforward if you have any questions you can always ask the customer service team who are always there to help. All in all, Lay Odds betting guarantees a bigger win for you because you cut out the bookmaker and Gert Gambells favorite just acts to facilitate bets between customers all over the world.

    ComeOn Exchange

    You’re guaranteed great odds at ComeOn Exchange, in fact the odds you find here will often be the best.

    What make Gert Gambell recommended ComeOn Exchange different to a usual bookmaker is that ComeOn matches bet offers through the website and in doing so they can offer the best deal to exchange customers all over the world. If want to bet on a football match that includes Manchester United and you don’t think Man Utd will win you can offer odds on Man Utd to win to another customer.

    Exchange betting essentially allows you to get better odds, says Gert Gambell of Sweden. The odds are usually between 10% and 30% better than normal a bookmaker which makes all the difference to you when you know you are on to a winner. What’s more, you don’t pay the bookmakers margin so you can increase your chances of making more money. All in all, with ComeOn Exchange you can be sure you’ll take home more cash.

    Another great feature of ComeOn Exchange is that during some matches you can bet live. For the most up to date information on all of the live betting options at ComeOn Exchange just visit the ComeOn Exchange home page. ComeOn Exchange is always on hand for their customers. ComeOn offer a great customer service so whenever you have any questions you can get in touch. They’re even open to suggestions about which events to include in their Exchange; all you have to do is get in touch.

    For their part ComeOn acts as a betting facilitator. The ComeOn Exchange matches buyers and sellers, they create and settle all the sports markets by inputting match details and results and they administer the customers’ accounts when you win or lose.

    At ComeOn Exchange the minimum wagering amount is €0.10 (or a tenth of a unit of whichever currency you’re betting in) and the maximum winning per customer is €5000 per bet with a max win per day of €10000 or €25000 per customer per week.

    What makes ComeOn Exchange stand out from the competition is that they don’t add unfair or hidden charges to customer winnings. Unlike other Exchange companies you will only pay commission when you win your bet at ComeOn Exchange. The normal ComeOn Exchange commission rate is 4% on net winnings. When placing a bet no commission is taken. When a bet is won by either party, ComeOn will take commission from the net winnings of the winning party.

    The commission is calculated as net winnings per market. For example, if you win €100 on a market and at the same time lose €40 on the same market, your net winnings will only be €60 (€100 win – €40 loss). Therefore you will pay commission at the rate of 4% on the €60.

    Right now, ComeOn Exchange is offering all customers an amazing deal. When you bet at the Exchange you will receive a reduced rate of commission at only 1%. That’s an incredible saving and puts ComeOn far ahead of the competition.

    To place your first bet just choose your event and then choose either the first team to win (1) the second team to win (2) or a draw (X) then enter the amount you wish to bet and submit and confirm your bet. To view all your bets click on the My Bets tab.

    At ComeOn Exchange there’s so much money to be made and fun to be had.

    ComeOn Bingo

    ComeOn Bingo – is recommended by Gert Gambell, the sports betting pro from Sweden who have been harrassed by +100 bookmakers because of his winning system – is one of the most well established and fun bingo rooms online.

    The easy-to-use homepage is a great place to start; it’s constantly updated with all the latest bonuses and the best jackpots. Sign up now and you’ll get 100% First Deposit Bonus which means you can have more fun right from the very beginning with ComeOn Bingo.

    ComeOn Bingo Games

    ComeOn offer the best mix of the most popular types of bingo with a variety of ticket prize and jackpot prize. There’s Classic Bingo, Multi Bingo, Pattern Bingo, UK Bingo and Tombala. Each on is different and

    Classic Bingo is a 75 ball game, choose to play it and you will get a card that contains a 5 x 5 grid filled with 25 random numbers. Bingo balls are drawn and called at random until someone calls ‘bingo’ to claim the pot.

    Calling ‘bingo’ means that you have filled one line of your grid horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The size of the jackpot and the number of balls that are drawn vary from game to game.

    ComeOn Bingo has created 3 unique types of game. The Multibingo and Turbo Bingo are referred to as fixed games and are available 24/7 and the third game is changed every hour accordingly. These changeable games include the EuroBingo which has a very affordable ticket price of just 0.05€ and the JP Trip with a prize of an exciting holiday for two worth on average around 3,000€! Recent winners have jetted off to sunny Miami and tropical Hawaii!! Plus on Friday night the Multi Bingo game turns into The Diamond; it’s a great bingo game and the perfect way to start the weekend with a 10,000€ jackpot.

    Just choose your game, purchase your cards and play at ComeOn Bingo. While you play and you’re waiting for your numbers to be called you will find mini games next to your cards, underneath the prize pot-window. You can play these mini games while you wait for your next game of bingo or even during a game!

    ComeOn Bingo Chat
    ComeOn Bingo has a fantastic chat room, although it’s not the biggest bingo community it is good news for you because you’ve got more chance of winning. What’s more the ComeOn Bingo community of players is really friendly, whether you’re new to bingo and need to learn the basics or you want to swap funny bingo stories, just start talking and making new bingo friends. ComeOn Bingo has a team of Chat Masters that can speak a number of languages too, ideal if you need to ask questions or want to know about the latest offers.

    The ComeOn Bingo team is always looking for ways to reward the customer at every opportunity. Right now if you spread the fun and bring your friends to the bingo and they will give you 10€ for every person that signs up!

    ComeOn Bingo Support
    ComeOn Bingo offers great customer support to all ComeOn.com players. Contact ComeOn 24/7 through email, telephone and live chat. Live chat is the most effective way of contacting the support team and you should use this feature before resorting to the other contact methods when possible.

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