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  • The advantages of free horse racing betting system download

    Online horse racing betting is definitely one of the most convenient and easiest ways of placing your bets. With easy internet access, one can indulge in betting at various horse racing sites. Free horse racing betting system downloads are available on the net and this can serve as a guide. For those who feel it a cumbersome and expensive task to go to a racetrack because of their busy schedule, online horse betting is a terrific way to place wagers without losing out on the fun and excitement.

    Free online horse racing betting system downloads will help you find all the information, data and other explanation you need on the horses, races, the form and performance of horses and other valuable statistics to become a smart handicapper. You can save plenty of time if you bet online. Betting system downloads give you the added advantages you need to make excellent choices and pick winners.

    The main aim of a good handicapper is to beat the oddsmaker and collect the profits every month. Horse racing betting has been one of the most popular and exciting ways of making money and even with the temptation of betting on slot machines people at drawn to the horse racing sport. Nothing compares to the rush of adrenalin you experience when you see your horse win the race.

    Free downloads of horse racing betting systems that are easily available help the punter in picking winners every time. Racing experts, and professional bettors provide information that feature some great betting ideas and methods. Special horseracing software like SoftwareHorses3.exe for exactas and trifectas that work with single as well as multiple horse groups is available.

    Another system download is PICKH32.EXE is an integrated horse racing software that is a powerful package and is a compressed and self-extracting file. LOTWONH.EXE is another horse racing betting download. This integrated horse racing package includes strategy checking and is a most effective method of wining at the tracks. PARSEL.EXE is a program that corrects errors in horses draw files.

    Other software that can be downloaded enables you to lay, place, dutch, trigger bet, hedge and trade bets. BET-IE has tools that help you. Value Horse Finder is software that analyses the place and win markets from Betfair and the bookmaker’s current odds from Oddschecker and also brings to you notice the discrepancies that you can exploit to your advantage.

    Horse racing betting calculators also can be downloaded to work out the returns on the horses in a particular race. Arbitrage, ditching, laying and permutation calculators can give you the professional touch while gambling. The Staking Machine is another staking calculator and bet tracker software application that will analyze your bets and calculate the best plan for your type of betting.

    A “ratings software” that has positives, race cards, and negatives of a race, draw analysis, reports, printouts and statistics is an added advantage. Speed ratings software also includes weight comparisons, jockey/trainer statistics, betting manager and horse watcher.

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