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  • Low Limit Poker Strategy

    Losing out on all of your money in a game of Texas hold ’em is seen at least in one out of 5 times. This statistic certainly could spell disaster if you’re an amateur in the world of online poker. In case you’re looking to adopt some kind of a strategy in order to win, you simply have no chance, unless you’re very lucky of course.

    Your act of building up a strategy should start from the table itself, which is completely based on the table selection online. You’ll be surprised to know how much a table can be responsible for you to win a hand or two. The best way to do is try and find a table with players who make more mistakes than you do at any given time of game play. However, there is a catch to this and that is it’s not that often that you come across such a table. You can study the players on the table by seeing how they bet, whether they’re aggressive players or just laid back.

    Then you have to identify what cards would be the best for you. They would include 2 Aces. On the flip side, a pair consisting of 7 and 2 is simply the worst. Even 3 and 2 isn’t that much of a good hand. However, you need not bother much about this pair since there isn’t much of a heads up kind of match in a low limit game. You also got to have a psychological advantage over all the other players. Let’s take an example for this and you’ll understand what I precisely mean. Suppose you have 2 aces (hearts and diamonds), yes, I know this is where you start jumping on your table. But the game isn’t over as yet. The person sitting to your left starts with the fold and two players start with the call.

    Soon the dealer too raises and then all the players make their call (which includes you too). And what do you find? A flop that looks a little like this – 10 hearts, 2 hearts and 6 diamonds. This gives you an easy opportunity for a back door flush. Then after a bit of re-raising, you find a turn and this time it’s the Queen of clubs. Again, there is still a chance for you to win. But again, there is also a chance that you may lose out on for a flush on the river. And then you get the 7 diamonds in the river. Then you all call again and you get the 2 of diamonds. The dealer then flips and the horror begins!!! It’s the 8 and 9 spades. From there on you simply find yourself playing a horrible game of poker, even losing out on couple of hundred dollars.

    Now you may ask what was the point of that elaborate example. Is it not okay if you have those two aces in the first place. You’re wrong. Whenever you find yourself with 2 Aces, always try to make other players pay in order to draw you out. You may think that they may succeed but keep this in mind that every card you draw out, they’re actually paying for that and that too whether you win or lose.

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