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    Online gambling and betting is just like two sides of the same coin. But, since when was gambling and betting online made legal? Different sources will reveal different facts, but the truth is that the law is different for every state, when it comes to the legality of gambling. It is really important that you know the legality of online gambling because it will be just stupid, if you win a rather large amount of money and your very own Government confiscates the entire amount from you. It’s quite an irony that even the best gambling sites are subject to the rules of different states, when it comes to online gambling.

    This simply means that the law strictly depends upon your physical location and of course where the online gambling company operates. I say this because most of the gambling sites don’t want to be under the jurisdiction of the US laws, and they are located elsewhere, that is, in other countries. The Act that governs most of the gambling rules, wherein the question of its legality arises, is the Federal Wire Act. This Act specifically states prohibition for certain types of betting activities in the US. The fact remains that online gambling and the issue of its legality, generally go hand in hand.

    When we talk about the laws in the US, we get a pretty straight picture that online gambling in US has a grey like legality. However, the fact remains that there is no law whatsoever stating that no US national can take part in online casinos gambling. I mean the statistics say it all, 70% of all the online gamblers are from the US itself. 80% of these online gamblers are online poker players alone. And if you get the law into the picture now, what would that mean, that US online gamblers don’t respect the law at all? That isn’t so.

    This can be better explained in the following manner. The legislation for online gambling is pretty much limited as of now and as for the rights of the online gamblers, well, they haven’t been completely taken away, it’s only been changed. One of the most interesting facts is that none of the US citizens, who have wagered on online gambling sites, have been prosecuted as yet. However, it is always advisable that a potential online gambler must do his homework, before he sets out to put a wager on any of these sites, just as a precautionary measure.

    The website www.usa-online-gambling.com now clearly states that it isn’t illegal to gamble online. It clearly educates online players all over the world that they can enjoy playing online poker, slot machines, and roulette to their hearts’ content without any worries of the law. It also gives information regarding deposit methods that online players can bank on, like 900 Pay, Bank Wire, etc. So, now when you ask whether online gambling is legal or not, it could be quite a debatable issue, but the winner would be the one stating its legality.

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